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Just as I started to assume this feature was ubiquitous(middle-clicking on a page, then scrolling speed/direction is relative to the distance of the pointer on the y-axis).

I can't believe this hasn't been implemented into the text editor in vs2010, I used it all the time in 2005 and 2008.

Has anyone managed to find a workaround or am I a minority user of this feature?

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This feature is called auto-scroll. – SLaks Apr 13 '10 at 13:13
I don't have any special insight, but I've heard that VS2010's UI has been reimplemented from scratch in WPF. Maybe it's especially had to implement that feature in the new environment? Or maybe it's a feature that they postponed? Or forgot? – jwismar Apr 13 '10 at 13:17
@jwismar: Correct. – SLaks Apr 13 '10 at 13:23
I'm also missing this feature. I have an ergonomic mouse with three buttons but no scroll wheel. If anyone knows a way to enable it, please let us know. – Nate Apr 15 '10 at 18:58
I also miss it. Hopefully it'll come in a hotifx or service pack. – stucampbell Apr 21 '10 at 14:14
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Here's an extension which makes it work (at least partially):

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Nice, thanks for sharing this. – maxp May 12 '10 at 20:20
Omg, an extension for mouse wheel scroll. Now you've seen it all. – bobobobo Jul 28 '10 at 18:07
It actually doesn't work for my laptop's trackpoint scroll. – bobobobo Jul 28 '10 at 18:09
thanks for sharing. upvoted. – callisto Apr 7 '11 at 8:49
As a user of Actual Title Buttons I just noticed that it has a feature called "Drag to Scroll (Hand)" which kind of eases the problem. It allows you to assign a button which when clicked, uses the entire scrollable area as the scrollbar (can be inverted and speed can be varied). It is not a smooth scroll, but it is pretty interesting since you don't have to click on the scrollbars. And it works in the free editions which don't take extensions. It takes time to get used to, but even lets you mmb scroll in Windows Explorer. – Daniel F Jun 14 '11 at 21:33

Here's a better simple extension from the Visual Studio Gallery that adds middle click scrolling: AutoScroller for VS 2010

But I recommend you to take a look to the Microsoft Productivity Tools extension. It adds middle click scrolling support to the Visual Studio 2010 IDE as well as many other improvements. After you install the extension you can enable/disable its features from menu "Tools -> Options -> Productivity Power Tools".

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Looks like this was cut from VS 2010 :(. Here are some links to the Connect issues:

Not the answer you wanted but at least you don't have to waste time figuring this out.


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