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I have a GWT module with the X-GWT-Module-Base http://host:8080/foo/ and would like to call a (GWT) service which is located at http://host:8080/bar/. The reason is for example that I want to be able to share a GWT service between two different GWT client projects.

All I've gotten to work so far is if the service is located within the module context, i.e. http://host:8080/foo/bar works fine, using @RemoteServiceRelativePath("bar") in my service interface.

It seems that the @RemoteServiceRelativePath only allows a value relative to the module base URL...so is there some other way to accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish?

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Ended up finding the answer myself right here:

the problem appears because of the RemoteServiceRelativePath as you noticed it says relativepath, one way to fix that is to use


or use the power of the relative path (that's how i do it, because I'm lazy)


which instead of /modB/servX or /modA/servX will become /servX no matter what module calls it also you'll need to make the proper changes in web.xml so that the

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You can tick yourself off as the answer. +1 from me. –  mgiuca Apr 3 '11 at 10:48
I'll just add that gwtService here is the name of the async service object you got back from GWT.create, and you should call setServiceEntryPoint just after you call GWT.create. This is such a frustrating solution... it makes life quite difficult for the client projects (I'd rather wrap up the URL details in the library). Oh well. –  mgiuca Apr 3 '11 at 11:37

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