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Guys i'm looking for a simple excel macro that can copy a row from one sheet to another within excel based upon having a specific word in the cell. I have a sheet one, called "data" and a sheet two called "final". Here is an eaxmple of the data

A         B            C               D  
john      mary         555.555.4939    initial reply to phone conversation  
Jim       jack         555.555.5555    floor estimate for bathroom  
jerry     kim          555.555.5553    initial response to phone call

I'd like to copy than entire row from sheet "data" to a sheet "final" if the data in column D contains either the word "reply" or the word "response" somewhere within the paragraph.

Any tips would be much obliged.

thanks, J

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This should work

Sub Foo()
Dim i As Long, iMatches As Long
Dim aTokens() As String: aTokens = Split("reply,response", ",")
For Each cell In Sheets("data").Range("D:D")
    If (Len(cell.Value) = 0) Then Exit For
        For i = 0 To UBound(aTokens)
            If InStr(1, cell.Value, aTokens(i), vbTextCompare) Then
                iMatches = (iMatches + 1)
                Sheets("data").Rows(cell.Row).Copy Sheets("final").Rows(iMatches)
            End If
End Sub
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Voted up for the short way to copy one row to another: WorkSheet1.Rows(Row1).Copy WorkSheet2.Rows(Row2)! Everywhere else the examples were including loops ... –  Nikolay Ivanov Feb 20 '13 at 10:50

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