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I remember quickly adopting given .. when, say, //, and the smart matching operator when Perl 5.10 came around.

What do you consider the most useful fixes and features introduced with Perl 5.12.0?

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This is my favourite feature by far:

use 5.012; # enables 'use strict' implicitly!
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Thanks for the typo fix, Alexandr! – tsee Apr 14 '10 at 7:10

while( readdir $dir ){} now works a lot more like while( readline $file ){}.

perl -MO=Deparse -e'while( readline $f ){}'
while (defined($_ = <$f>)) {

<$f> is the same as readline $f

This is how Perl versions prior to v5.11.2 have been handling while( readdir $dir ){}

perl-5.10 -MO=Deparse -e'while( readdir $d ){}'
while (readdir $d) {

It is worth noting that the above will fail to work correctly if there is a file, or directory with the name of 0. Which doesn't matter that much since it doesn't do anything useful anyway.

In Perl version 5.11.2 there was a patch added that brought it more into line with the handling of while( readline $file ){...}.

perl-5.12.0 -MO=Deparse -e'while( readdir $d ){}'
while (defined($_ = readdir $d)) {

I would like to note that I was the one who provided that patch. It was the first thing I have ever tried to fix in the Perl core. So it was also the first patch I wrote, that made it into Perl.

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Congratulations! – Michael Carman Apr 13 '10 at 21:23

Raw data:



Not sure if any of the info is new, but perlperf - Perl Performance and Optimization Techniques was added to documentation!!!


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BTW, above picks are just my opinion. YMMV obviously :) – DVK Apr 13 '10 at 17:19

I like the idea of Yada Yada, although time will tell if it is actually useful.

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There's some subtle but non-trivial improvements that will make Portable (flash drive) Perl distributions work better (or at all).

Perl also now has support for 64-bit on Windows with GCC, so Strawberry Perl 64-bit should come out soon.

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