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How can I play two or more video files/streams in different windows with frame-level synchronism?

What tools, libraries or APIs could I use to do that?

By frame-level synchronism I mean that my solution must guarantee that each frame of each video file must be shown at the same time its corresponding frames (from the other files) are shown.


            in sync         out of sync
Time     -+-+-+-+-+-+ ... +-+-+-+-+-+-+         
video 1   fr1 fr2 fr3     fr1  fr2  fr3
video 2   fr1 fr2 fr3 ...   fr2 fr3 fr4
video N   fr1 fr2 fr3      fr1   fr2  fr3
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On windows it should be possible to create custom directshow filters/components to do this. We use c# and directshow.net to achieve something similar, however we do not yet have "true" frame synchronization and I am in fact searching for a solution as well. The caveat here is that you can not just use the default/provided directshow filters, I fear one would have to write some new filters or perhaps modify the base classes a bit.

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On OS X, the Core Video framework will do the job. Core Video's express purpose is to provide a link between QuickTime media (such as audio and video) and the Quartz compositing system with frame-level synchronization.

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Could you expand a little on what you mean by "frame-level synchronism"?

compiz does this when multiple videos are playing and you spin the desktop

opengl can render multiple videos simultaneously on the sides of a cube, etc

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