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In my application, there is one button in the navigation bar. I want it to work only for the 1t click of the user. If he continousally presses on it 2 or 3 times just after the 1st click the button shouldnt recieve the following ones. How can I do this?

My app always crashes if the user presses it for more than once. I dont want to make it multithread and use lock. Thats why i want to know whether there is anyother alternative.

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why was this question downvoted? –  bpapa Apr 13 '10 at 15:22

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(If the app crashes by pressing more than once then there's a bigger problem.)

Since the button is on the navigation bar, that's a UIBarButtonItem, not a UIButton. The UIBarButtonItem has an enabled property which you can set to NO to disable the button.

(If it is really a UIButton, don't worry, it also has an enabled property.)

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As u said it was a much bigger problem than disabling the button. So i went and found out the error. Thanks a lot for the comment. Otherwise i wud have sticked to disabling the button so to do it fast rather than looking for the error. Also button disabling was working perfectly. –  wolverine Apr 14 '10 at 4:56

After the user clicked the button, you could set the "enabled" property to NO and after the action finished, set it back to YES


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Luckily this is pretty easy to do. The UIBarItem class has an enabled property. Just set it to NO once the user taps it.

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