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I've run into a really annoying problem, and I'm hoping it's just a setting I've missed. I've got an ASP.NET application which allows users to enter their username/password in various places (e.g. login, change password, change username etc..). When I logged in, the browser asked if I would like to store the user details. Usually, I click 'no', but this time I decided to click 'yes'. Now, certain textboxes in my form are prefilled with the username or password. Is it possible to remove these, as they sometimes appear in textboxes which shouldn't be prefilled. I tried setting AutoCompleteType=none and Text='' but it still gets prefilled. The textboxes don't have much in common, except the same CssClass and, for password boxes, TextMode=password. The names are different, although sometimes they include the word name (e.g. fullName, userName). Is there a way to stop the browser from filling certain textboxes?


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  <input type="text" name="Username" autocomplete="off">

You can also put this on the form tag. Note this does not work consistently in all browsers.

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facepalm :/. I was using asp:textboxes and assumed the AutoCompleteType=none would do the same thing. Thanks! (I'll have to accept answer in 10 mins) –  keyboardP Apr 13 '10 at 15:48
You can also use AutoCompleteType="disable" when using asp:TextBoxes –  EfficionDave Sep 27 '12 at 20:37
you can also use AutoCompleteType="Disabled" for Telerik controls –  freedeveloper Aug 13 '14 at 19:19

The only solution that worked for me was to include two fields, one for login and one for the password with display: none <input type="text" style="display: none"> <input type="password" style="display: none">

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<input type="text" style="display: none"> <input type="password" style="display: none"> –  IndraKiran Reddy S Jan 21 at 5:21
Looks your answer need more explanation and better to edit your answer instead of putting code in comment –  VicJordan Jan 21 at 5:38

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