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Is there a way to NOT delete files after an uninstall?

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Set the Component value Permanent="yes" like so:

<Component Id="LicenseDoc" Guid="{E7BDA157-1637-4a2a-84F4-7825EEFEE354}" Permanent="yes">
    <File Id ="License.rtf" Source="$(var.SolutionDir)Installer\License.rtf" />
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I posted the question to the wixusers mailing list and got the same answer, but also to note about the Permanent flag (compliments of Phil Wilson): As long as everyone realizes that Permanent means permanent forever. It doesn't mean "until I change the setting to not Permanent". It makes that component permanent on the system, and I wouldn't use it unless "permanently installer forever" is what is required. –  glenneroo Apr 14 '10 at 10:34
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Compliments of Phil Wilson from wixusers mailing-list:

See the MSI SDK docs for the Component table - set the Component guid to be null (empty). The effect of this is that the component isn't registered (so it can't be repaired) and it won't be uninstalled.

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