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I've been playing around with Dojo over the last couple of days.

The script below changes the background position of the list item when the mouse is over the link.

dojo.query('a[class=main-menu-link]').forEach(function(linkTwo) {

dojo.connect(linkTwo, "onmouseover", function(evt) {

dojo.query('#main-menu ul li').forEach(function(linkThree) {

dojo.style(linkThree, {

"backgroundPosition": "right center",



You can see it in action in the right hand side menu: http://www.mechanic-one.suburban-glory.com/

I'm trying to work out the best of way of giving it a smooth transition between the two states... I've been looking on the Dojo documentation page but I'm not sure what is the best way of approaching it.

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Well, with CSS you can supply pixel offsets for your background. Pixel by pixel you will be able to nudge the background, over a period of time, to its resting place, giving the animation of a smooth transition. I do not use Dojo, though, so I am not sure how you'd best implement this. – erisco Apr 13 '10 at 16:58
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Check out the Animation quickstart. You can animate css properties and select from a set of existing animation effects and easings. Chaining is possible by requiring the NodeList-fx module.

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