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Does anyone have any guidance on the best way to manage licensing for a WPF application? I would like to have different levels of licensing (Free, Trial and Professional). The app itself will probably be distributed with a WiX installer (if that makes any difference)

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Havent tried it but heard about it a lot, infact they have a free version for one deployment license,


Base on Chris's link, I suspect xheo's support is good, I also had similar experience with armadillo, their software would not work on 64bit and when I complained, I got very bad response, I quit using armadillo.

But now days every machine has internet, all you have to do is make a webservice and uniquely identify email address and name of computer.

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Looks good, will investigate further –  Macros Apr 14 '10 at 8:31
Relevant: ayende.com/blog/3840/… –  Christopher Harris Mar 26 '12 at 18:24
@ChristopherHarris, bad bad support, we built our own activation service for our products, thanks for sharing this. –  Akash Kava Mar 26 '12 at 20:08

I also have to implement Licensing in one of my application and while researching some good and useful third party softwares, I found CryptoLicensing very useful. I will do a little more research on it and will update you (just in case).

The other option that I found handy was SoftwareShield. Have a look on both of these and see what options do you need for your application licensing architecture.

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We are using Manco .NET Licensing System during several years (we are subscribers). Guys are quite responsive and provide good support level. The software itself is quite flexible and allows implementation of the different licensing approaches.

They have the ability to automate the licensing workflow online via a web server, use custom values and encryption/decryption for sensitive code. They are continuously updating it with improvements and features.

The latest update we get from Manco Software is cool. They added Silverlight based license shop to the Activation Web Service with no cost. So now our sale persons can issue keys from anywhere, just having PC with Windows and Internet Explorer.

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The licensing would be the same as any .NET application licensing.

There are many third party licensing libraries you can choose from, in addition to the (basic) framework built-in licensing.

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I've looked at a few of these, do you have any recommendations based on your experience? –  Macros Apr 14 '10 at 8:28

In my opinion Portable.Licensing is awesome licensing component,


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