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How do you set focus on a component with Apache Wicket? Searching leads to very little information, mostly on setting the default field. I do not want to set a default field, rather I am looking to set focus when, for example, a specific radio button is selected.

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Once you create your behavior to set the focus, you should be able to add it to the component on any event, just make sure that component is part of the AjaxRequestTarget. I don't see why this wouldn't work...

myRadioButton.add(new AjaxEventBehavior("onchange") {
 protected void onEvent(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
    myOtherComponent.add(new DefaultFocusBehavior());

Here's a link that shows how to create the default focus behavior if you do not have one already: http://javathoughts.capesugarbird.com/2009/01/wicket-and-default-focus-behavior.html

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I'd suggest you to copy the code into the answer (keeping the original reference, of course), so that it doesn't depend on external resources. –  tetsuo Feb 16 '11 at 11:55
problem with this solution is that once you attached it then everytime it is refreshed (AjaxRequestTarget#addComponent) it's focused (or at least focus javascript is evaluated) using AjaxRequestTarget#focusComponent is one shot focus so it's better suited for behaviour requested in question ("radio button is selected") –  Michal Bernhard Jun 5 '13 at 10:10

I suggest using the native org.apache.wicket.ajax.AjaxRequestTarget#focusComponent(). For example:

 * Sets the focus in the browser to the given component. The markup id must be set. If            
 * the component is null the focus will not be set to any component.
 * @param component
 *            The component to get the focus or null.
 org.apache.wicket.ajax.AjaxRequestTarget#focusComponent(Component component)
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Listen to what martin-g says ;-) –  Jesse Apr 25 '13 at 14:50

If you only want to setFocus through javascript and don't want to reload a form or a component, you can use the following code:

import org.apache.wicket.Component;

public class JavascriptUtils {
    private JavascriptUtils() {


    public static String getFocusScript(Component component) {
        return "document.getElementById('" + component.getMarkupId() + "').focus();";

And then in any Ajax Method you can use:

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Is there a way to achieve the same without JavaScript?

(I am implementing a form with a feedback-Panel that only comes up when Javascript is turned off, so it would not make sense to depend on JavaScript there...,-)

I could only find answers which use JS .focs()... maybe Wicket 1.5 will provide a method Component.setFocus()...

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There is no way to set focus to an html element without using JavaScript. HTML doesn't have a tag or attribute that would enable this (yet). If Wicket ever implemented a Component.setFocus() method it would still generate some JavaScript to enable it. –  Marcelo Aug 27 '11 at 16:03

If you happen to be using an Ajax button, you can simply call target.focusComponent(myComponent); in the button's onSubmit method.

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