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my question is:

assuming we have a calendar_table with UNIX datestamp date_column, i want retrieve the event with the closest proximity to the today date.

So, for example if there is no event today, keep the closest one based on it's date!


probably i need to be more clear, i need to retrieve not just one event, but All events in the table with the same date, closest to today date!

Thanks All you guys! ;-)

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SELECT * FROM `calendar_table` WHERE `date_column` = (SELECT `date_column` FROM `calendar_table` ORDER BY ABS(`date_column` - UNIX_TIMESTAMP()) ASC LIMIT 1)
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Thanks Jesse! it's exactly what i was looking for! a subquery is just perfect! i have just switched to ASC and it work fine! – aSeptik Apr 13 '10 at 21:13
FROM `calendar_table`
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hi soulmerge, thank's for responce, i have one question, what if i need to keep All not just 1 of event with the same date!? – aSeptik Apr 13 '10 at 20:50
+1 anyway for pointing me in a right way! ;-) – aSeptik Apr 13 '10 at 21:14

What you can do is make select the difference between today's date and the event date, and select the smallest result.

First select the difference like this:
SELECT DATEDIFF(EventDate, Now()) As Datediff FROM calendar
or if you want to find events in the past as well:
SELECT Abs(DATEDIFF(EventDate, Now())) As Datediff FROM calendar

Then just order by that field and take the first one off the list.

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