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I transformed my VS2008 ASP.NET Website to a "Web Application" today using VS2010. So now it's possible to build a Deployment Package. A Zip Package which can be direclty imported into IIS7.

Usually I added a website in IIS7 called and put everything in its root dir. That worked.

However, since I converted to an Web Application, this Application is added beneath my "Website container". Now I'm confused, this is how it actually looks now when I try to open the website:

Browsing to says 404 ERROR.

Browsing to opens the actual website, but in a subfolder instead of the root directory. (The Application is named after the Domain)

How to make this application the root of the website now? I want the application to run under the ROOT and not some subfolder.

Thanks a lot!

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What are you using to create your zip package? – Nathan Apr 19 '10 at 10:11
Visual Studio 2010 -> Project -> Build Deployment Package – adchased Apr 21 '10 at 16:31
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In VS 2010, right click your project and go to Package/Publish settings.. In there, down below, in the Web Deployment Package settings, there's a IIS Web site/application name field.

It seems that it's currently set to or something similar. Change it to and it should work as expected.

Second thing to check is your Publish settings (VS menu Build -> Publish "websitename"). Check the Site/application field. Set it to as well, make sure it doesn't have any slashes.

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