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In a FIX 4.2 execution report what is the difference between FIX 4.2 : ClOrdID <11> field and FIX 4.2 : OrigClOrdID <41> field


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To be a little clearer than other posters OrigClOrdID (tag 41) is used in the following circumstances(gacked from ): Used in messages: [ExecutionReport] [MultilegOrderCancelReplace] [OrderCancelReject] [OrderCancelReplaceRequest] [OrderCancelRequest] Used in components: [AffectedOrdGrp] [SideCrossOrdCxlGrp]

and is the ClOrdID of an original message that these messages relate to. The best way to think about it is like a foreign key to a FIX (order) message that has already been sent and recieved. Because FIX is extensible it can obviously be used in other messages (with varying degrees of meaningfulness) to refer to a prior message.

Hope all that helps

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well I was a beginner then and now I understand the function of the OrigClOrdID but your answer is better than others :) so accepted and upvoted – anijhaw Jan 7 '11 at 21:35

OrigClOrdID is used for cancel and cancel/replace order and it is the ClOrdID of the original order which you are trying to cancel and cancel/replace.

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