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Suppose I have a Java method that returns a HashMap object.

Because a LinkedHashMap is a subclass of HashMap, I can return a LinkedHashMap from this method just fine.

On the next "read" action (no adding/removing/modifying of K/V pairs), would iterating over the keys of the resulting method (which returns a HashMap) go in the same order as the originating LinkedHashMap, even though the HashMap lacks the key links?

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Yes. The actual instance of the object is still the returned LinkedHashMap, therefore it will have its iterating order.

However, I wouldn't depend on this for anything. Why are you using HashMaps if iterating order is important? This might be a code smell.

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Yeah, its kind of a silly question. I'm not actually using it for anything - I was just fooling around with some new ideas for a project I'm developing for and the question occurred to me. Seems like it might be useful to know the answer to at some point, though to be honest I have no idea why now. –  javanix Apr 13 '10 at 22:26

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