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I've been playing around with the iPad SDK looking for ways to improve my current iPhone app. I've got a couple place where I think the new "SplitView" would look pretty good. My question is if it's possible to navigate to a "SplitView" with my current navigation based application? Mainly I'm not sure how to push that SplitViewController onto my current stack of views. Any thoughts?

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It should always be the root controller according to Apple.

The split view controller’s view should always be installed as the root view of your application window. You should never present a split view inside of a navigation or tab bar interface.

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Check out the Multiple Detail Views sample app on Apple's Documentation, this could give you a good idea on how to deal with navigation structure and how to display views on the "splitViewController".

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You can use a UISplitViewController in a UITabBarController without any problems. I have not attempted to push a UISplitViewController into an UINavigationController however.

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(At least) with iOS 8 (which runs on any ipad except the first one) it's possible to use a "present modally"-segue to display a splitviewcontroller.

Drawback is that an existing navigation bar isn't displayed.

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