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i need to update records from one table to the other (this for the master Table and f«the same for the DetailTable.

first a position the record of the record´s of the table i want to copy update from:

Tabelamestre(Local_deste_cliente) (1 record ) NInterv.text:=dbedit1.text;

   with  ADOTable_casa do  
        SQL.Add('SELECT * from  Vibrometria_');
        SQL.Add('Where numeracao LIKE ''%'+NInterv.text );

now i need to update/insert the record´s from Vibrometria := Local_deste_cliente (TADOTABLE) Now i need to get the record above and do the same for the 2 detail tables

    Vibrometria_Sub (J)  :=   Tabeladetail  (Variaveis_neste_local). ((J) Records 

and i stil have another table thar get a master record from (K) Tabeladetail (Variaveis_neste_local)

Vibrometria_Sub1 (K) := Tabeladetail1(Variaveis_neste_local1). ((k) Records

lest´s say i need to update 1 to N starting in the first table!!!!!!!!

is there a fast solution for this!!!!!!


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¿están todas las tablas en la misma base de datos? ¿se hace algún procesamiento adicional con las llaves primarias o solamente se "traslada" la información tal como está de una a otra? Saludos. –  jachguate Apr 14 '10 at 22:07

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Create the child records in the master dataset's AfterInsert() event.

Use the MasterSource and MasterFields property of the child dataset to automatically change the records when the master record changes.

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can you explain how to do that!! please –  re. Apr 18 '10 at 16:05

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