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When I do git pull origin master, it does not seem to update the files in the folder of the git repository.

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Does the pull produce any error messages? If it succeeds, does it show a diff or say you're already up to date? –  Jefromi Apr 14 '10 at 0:30
can you follow up on your question man? –  hasen Apr 15 '10 at 17:00

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A few suggestions,

Try a git pull -v origin master to see if the verbose version produces any clue.

If you can clone your repo and get it in a state before any git pull:

    current=`git rev-parse HEAD`
    git pull origin
    git diff $current..
  • try a git fetch origin master, which is equivalent to "git fetch origin master:", not to "git fetch origin master:master" (i.e.: it stores fetched value of 'master' branch (of remote 'origin') in FETCH_HEAD, and not in 'master' branch or remote-tracking 'remotes/origin/master' branch.
    That means you can try and detect if any changes are to be introduced by that fetch:
     git diff ...FETCH_HEAD
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+1 git fu in action :) –  ralphtheninja Apr 27 '11 at 22:04

You can haz gremlinz.

git-pull is supposed to fetch the remote changes and merge them into the current branch.

To verify that the changes have been merged, do git log to verify that the revisions that you are expecting are in your local branch.

From git-pull doco:

Merge into the current branch the remote branch next:

$ git pull origin next

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Maybe you didn't make any change to the remote (or who ever maintains it didn't update it).

Maybe you have more than one remote and you're confused about which one pull is supposed to fetch form.

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