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Is it possible to use Visual Studio's testing system with native code? I have no objection to recompiling the code itself under C++/CLI if it's possible the code can be recompiled without changes -- but the production code shipped has to be native code.

The Premium Edition comes with code coverage support which I might be able to get cheaply from my University -- but I can get the Professional Edition for free from DreamSpark -- and that's the only thing I can see that I'd use. (But I'd use it a LOT)

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Made it CW since I don't deserve rep for a question I effectively answered myself. –  Billy ONeal Apr 14 '10 at 5:03

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Well, I hate to answer my own question, but the answer is no:

This is not going to fly, you cannot use any unmanaged code when compiling safe. That prevents use of any of the unmanaged CRT headers.

Unit testing requires /clr:safe. In other words, no, this is not supported. sigh

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