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i have used URL rewriting using global.asax file. url rewriting is working file on local machine but when i made it online its not working.

void Application_BeginRequest(Object sender, EventArgs e) { var extension = Path.GetExtension(Request.PhysicalPath).ToLower();

if (File.Exists(Request.PhysicalPath))
    if (extension == ".html")

var path = Request.Path;

if (!Context.Items.Contains("ORIGINAL_REQUEST"))
    Context.Items.Add("ORIGINAL_REQUEST", path);

if (extension == ".html")
    var resource = UrlRewriting.FindRequestedResource();
    var command = UrlRewriting.GetExecutionPath(resource);
    Context.RewritePath(command, true);


url is:ind205.cfmdeveloper.com when you click on about us ,demo,advertise page it will not display. so please let me know is there any IIS setting require,

reply me soon thanks Samir

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I work on url rewriting. I don't think it need any setting in IIS as i work in it and i didn't made any changes in url writing by the way you can see these links.hopefully you get any solution from them.







If you got your answer from these links check my answer and also vote it.thanx

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hi emy, i have already seen these sites but its not my solution.i am not able to identify my problem.i dont think so there is requirement of setting on IIS.but still i am confusing... –  Samir Apr 14 '10 at 6:18
in my opinion you use urlrewriter.net/index.php/download this link to download url rewriter and implement it. –  Emaad Ali Apr 14 '10 at 9:26

I notice that you have .html file that you check for. For html to pass from asp.net processing , you need to declare it (map it) ether on iis ether on web.config

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