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I have several lists in Matlab that I want to write to the same excel file. I have one list xordered and another list aspl. I do not know the length of the lists till after I run the Matlab program.

I used

data = xlswrite('edgar.xls',fliplr(sortedx'),'A2:A3000') 

for the first list but when I tried to write another list to the same file like this I ended up with two different excel files named edgar.xls

asp_data = xlswrite('edagr.xls', fliplr(aspl'), 'B2:B3000')

Is there a way I can write both of these lists into the same excel file? xordered in the A column and aspl in the B column?

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d = [ fliplr(sortedaspl'), fliplr(sortedx')];

Makes a matrix from A2 to B300

data = xlswrite('edgar.xls',d,'A2:B300');

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