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I use jCarouselLite for scrolling text, I use

  • as the content for scrolling, I need to trigger a javascript event when it reaches at the end of the content(
  • ). I need to change the scroll content when it finishes scrolling previous content. I tried adding a call back function but it does'nt work.

    This is my code: $("#scrollDiv").jCarouselLite({ vertical: true, visible:3, hoverPause:true, scroll:3, auto:1, itemLastInCallback:changeItem, speed:5000 });

  • Certification Alerts->CertifyAssign
  • cert_test_11 -> cert_test_22_sub - sub_test_22
  • cert_adhoc -> cert_adhoc_11 - stype1
  • Certification Alerts->CertifyReminder
  • sales process001 -> sub sales cert 2 - sales cert
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