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I am using ggplot2 to plot a figure that contains nine facets. Each facet represents the relationship between two variables and I would like to annotate the facets that display statistically significant results with a star ''. This would result in only two of the nine facets with a ''. However, I end up with all nine facets displaying the annotation.

How can I fix this?


Sig<-c("","*","","","","","","*","") # Only the second and the second to last facets should receive significance stars.

qplot(Labels,Es,data=Data1) + geom_pointrange(aes(x=Labels,y=Es,ymin=Low,ymax=Up)) + geom_hline(yintercept=0, linetype="dashed") + coord_flip() + facet_wrap(~Aspects, scales="free") + geom_text(data=Data.annot, aes(x= 0.5, y= 1, label = Sig)) + scale_y_continuous("Correlation coefficient\n(effect size)",limits=c(-0.5,1),breaks=c(-0.5,0,0.5,1.0)) + scale_x_discrete("")
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This seems to be similar to this quetion. Have you checked it? stackoverflow.com/questions/2050610/… –  Brani Apr 14 '10 at 9:03
I checked that one, but could not adapt it to my needs. When I plotted, the symbols still appeared on all facets –  EduardoSAS Apr 15 '10 at 6:29

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This would be a minimum example. What is important is the data for geom_text.



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Thanks! With a little adaptation: geom_text(data=data.frame(Aspects=unique(Data1$Aspects),sig=c("","","","","",""‌​,"","","")),aes(x=1,y=0.5,label=sig)) I got the stars where I wanted them to be! –  EduardoSAS Apr 15 '10 at 6:39

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