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I would like Eclipse to automatically save every time I edit a file, in much the same way that it builds automatically. Because I've been using IntelliJ for the last year (which saves automatically by default), I keep having the following problem:

  • Make some changes in Eclipse
  • Forget to press save
  • Run the build, unit tests, and notice some strange behaviour
  • (Some time later....) realize that the unexpected behaviour occurred because I forgot to save the changes

Is there any way I can make Eclipse save automatically?

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I would recommend against using auto-save plugins. The reason is that a save will always cause an incremental build. If you are using Java only, this is not problem. But, when you start using other languages, like AspectJ, Groovy, or even non-compiled languages like JavaScript, incremental builds can be much longer. This is because a change in a single file can cause a much longer build (since dependency graphs between files tend to be denser). I would recommend using the "Save automatically" option instead of the autosave plugins. –  Andrew Eisenberg Jun 17 '13 at 17:23

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You can do it with the saveDirtyEditor plugin as referenced in this question/answer. There is no non-plugin way of doing it.

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You can go here and check the box Save automatically before build

Windows > Preferences > General -> Workspace

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I wrote an Eclipse plugin for this called smartsave. It's available in the Eclipse Market Place.

It saves your files at a specified interval and you can even tune it to prevent saving if errors, or warnings, are present in the preferences dialog.

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Hey, nice plugin. It would really be cool if you could filter which tiles (by extension) are saved automatically. For instance, I want to save .txt files, but not .xml files. –  Lincoln May 1 '13 at 15:10

First, try Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace. There you can check "Save automatically before build" and "Build automatically."

If that does not work, then try Preferences -> Run/Debug -> Launching -> "Save dirty editors before launching"

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In Helios this can be done by going to preferences and setting:

Run/Debug > Launching > Save required dirty editors before launching

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