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I want to create workflow that has steps/sequence like :

Create the sharepoint site in the MOSS2007 Create the 3 User Groups • Content Providers • Content Approvers • Content Publishers Create 4 Document Libraries Namely as 1. Current 2. Pending Approval
3. Approved
4. Published
Now Add the world document to the Current document library. Steps: a) As user upload the document , the document shud remain checked out to begin with. When the user checks in the document, the document will move to Pending Approval in check in mode. b) Now Approver will log in , and will check out the document from the Pending Approval Doc Lib. c) As Approver check s in that document , then that will moved to the Approved Document Library d) Further, Publisher will check out the document from the Approved Document Library, and will say check in . then document will moved to Published Document Library

How to do this programmtically?

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