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The following code works in all browsers apart from IE6...

var mylib =
    selectStyle :
        init : function()

<script type="text/javascript">

The error states 'mylib' is undefined

Can someone please help otherwise I will have to spend alot of time redoing a lot more code than this.

Many thanks, C

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A suggestion: you should put your open brackets in the same line. Or you might encounter some problems (with JavaScript), there are some issues regarding the return { ... }; when the bracket is in a new line. There might be others. –  guzart Apr 14 '10 at 11:01
Whilst I agree with the comments about the placement of { and ;, the above should work in IE6, and does for me, as long as I put the mylib assignment in a <script> block too (obviously it won't do anything as HTML). I think your problem is in code you're not showing us. –  bobince Apr 14 '10 at 11:21

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Add a semicolon at the end of the definition of mylib.

var mylib = { ... };

When declaring anything in var something = ...; always add a semicolon at the end.

Thank you IE, you are so wonderful, reminding us to put semicolons. (Sarcasm? maybe...)

Edit: The semicolon is not a recommendation, IE considers it an error if you don't put it after closing curly brackets, so if you declare a function in a var, put the semicolon too.

var myFunc = function(){ .... };.

But if you declare a function in the namespace, you don't need to add the semicolon.

function doSomething(){ ... } <-- no semicolon.

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