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I extended a ModelAdmin with a custom field "Download file", which is a link to a URL in my Django project, like:


There, I want to serve a file which is stored in a S3-bucket. The files in the bucket are not public readable, and the user may not have direct access to it. Now I want to

  • avoid that the file has to be loaded in the server memory (these are multi-gb-files)
  • avoid to have temp files on the server

The ideal solution would be to let django act as a proxy that streams S3-chunks directly to the user. I use boto, but did not find a possibility to stream the chunks. Any ideas?


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Rather than proxying, why not simply redirect?

Use the django view at www.myproject.com/downloads/1 to serve a HTTP Redirect to the S3 storage URL - it's possible to generate time-limited authenticated URLs e.g. see here http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonS3/2006-03-01/dev/

Then the client downloads the file directly from S3, but the contents is still secure and access has to come through your Django application

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I wish there were other answers here. I need the same thing except I need to add the header "Content-disposition: attachment". –  katy lavallee May 14 at 13:00

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