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What do you think, is Google using Dublin Core tags when indexing site ? Are these tags (DC.description etc) important for Google ?


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I'm assuming you're talking about this: http://dublincore.org/

It's certain that Google are NOT using that in their indexing. I've never heard of them before, never heard Google mention them, and there is no mention of Google or search engines on that site.

That's not to say Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc will never implement them. Google is using more metadata and rich snippets these days. Although from a quick look, they appear unnecessarily complex so it probably won't happen.

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You're right, in general Google doesn't use them. We've found that most of the time they do not provide relevant and new information about a page (and oftentimes they're just copied from other, unrelated pages). Since there are other good ways to make sure that Googlebot finds information on a page, I'd wouldn't worry about these particular meta tags (unless you plan on using them for something else). –  John Mueller Apr 15 '10 at 10:40

The Dublin Core metadata standard is a simple yet effective element set for describing a wide range of networked resources. The Dublin Core standard includes two levels: Simple and Qualified. Simple Dublin Core comprises fifteen elements; Qualified Dublin Core includes three additional elements (Audience, Provenance and RightsHolder), as well as a group of element refinements (also called qualifiers) that refine the semantics of the elements in ways that may be useful in resource discovery. The semantics of Dublin Core have been established by an international, cross-disciplinary group of professionals from librarianship, computer science, text encoding, the museum community, and other related fields of scholarship and practice.

Source: Using Dublin Core

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The above answers may apply to Google Web Search, but it is worth noting that Google Scholar does use Dublin Core tags (reluctantly) in indexing content. From their indexing guidelines:

Use Dublin Core tags (e.g., DC.title) as a last resort - they work poorly for journal papers because Dublin Core doesn't have unambiguous fields for journal title, volume, issue, and page numbers. To check that these tags are present, visit several abstracts and view their HTML source.

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