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I am trying to use jQuery to show a div when the user selects a particular radio button (Other) within a radiobutton group.

The html is below

<div id="countries">

<input id="Washington_D.C" type="radio" name="location" value="Washington">Washington D.C</input>
<input id="Other" type="radio" name="location" value="">Other</input>
    <div id="other locations" style="display: none">

Using the JQuery code:

        if ($("radio[@name='location']:checked").val() == 'Other')

But it's not showing the div other locations when I select the radiobutton Other.

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You need to give it a value of Other.

Thus, not so

<input id="Other" TYPE="RADIO" NAME="location" VALUE="">Other</input>

but so

<input id="Other" TYPE="RADIO" NAME="location" VALUE="Other">Other</input>

At first glance, your jQuery code looks fine. I would however prefer click above change, since change doesn't get fired on 1st click if there's no means of preselection.

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    if ($(this).val() === 'Other')

set the radio button value to Other for this code to work.

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