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I have been taking a look at mvvm light toolkit, i must admit i haven't got a lot of experience with it but i live what i see..

I did use the mvvm toolkit (microsoft) but currently use vs 2010 and no templates are available as yet.

I was looking for some insight into mvvm light toolkit...

Is it always maintained ? i..e its not going to be gone tomorrow...

Or shoudl i be looking elsewhere??

I would really appreciate any feedback...

I also saw some info on how it is blendable which the mvvm toolkit (microsoft) didn't seem to have..

Prism also seems to be also a likely candidate but from what i understand its not a MVVM framework / toolkit

i would be using it with wpf

Any help really appreciated

Thank you

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I will from now on use SO more actively to support the MVVM Light Toolkit (and outsource the support to others too ;)

I am committed to support and update the MVVM Light Toolkit as long as it makes sense, and as long as I have capacity to do so. Right now I am exactly in the middle of writing my new book about Silverlight 4, so obviously my capacity is reduced, but I still create new updates and new blog posts regularly. I am aware that, as for most open source frameworks, the documentation should be better, and I plan to work on that as soon as I can.

If I should find myself unable to work on the toolkit anymore, I will make sure to advertise this fact and do my best to find a new maintainer.

Thanks for the concern :) Laurent

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Thanks, this was the kind of answer i was looking for... i didn't want to commit to a new framework without some confirmation.... I really do like what i see.... I am sold .. thanks again! – mark smith Apr 16 '10 at 13:21
@LBugnion, could you please shed light on the future of MVVM Light for desktop WPF applications? It seems you're focused on Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows 8 directions and ordinary desktop WPF (not Win8) direction looks abandoned. I hardly could find some examples for WPF desktop apps, so had to gather knowledges based on existed Silverlight/WP stuff. – Klaus Apr 10 '13 at 23:22
Hi, the WPF version is almost the same code than the others, so any change I make automatically applies to the WPF version as well. We actively use the WPF version in quite a few projects, so it is definitely going to be maintained for a long time. I am thinking of adding async-specific features which would apply to the WPF 4.5 version. I plan to continue maintaining the WPF3.5 and WPF4 versions as well because they are widely used. HTH, Laurent – LBugnion Apr 15 '13 at 15:17
@LBugnion Can I ask you how you made the MSI installer for MVVMLight? Did you use WiX Installer? Just wondering.. – Joe Slater Jul 2 '13 at 8:31

Laurent is a fellow Microsoft MVP and I know he uses the toolkit regularly so I would expect regular updates for the time being.

Also, it is a codeplex project so you can get the code at anytime and fix / change anything you need to, even if it is not maintained in the future.

Just FYI it looks like Mar 17th was the last check in on codeplex so it is still actively being worked on.

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The MVVM Light Toolkit has been updated quite regularly up to now. Since the maintainer, Laurent Bugnion, uses the framework himself, I think it will also be updated in the future. However, you can never know that for sure.

The Prism/CAL framework can also be used with MVVM. Actually, that's what I am currently doing. You can also combine parts of the MVVM Light toolkit and Prism/CAL.

There are also several other MVVM frameworks out there. If you are interested in them, you should have a look at this overview by Jeremy Alles.

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MVVM Light is now available for Visual Studio 2010.

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