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I'm looking for an Java open-source library which is able to extract address information from a (German) email (signature). The library should find

  • name
  • street
  • city, city code/postal code
  • email
  • tel/fax

address-parser.com is an commercial product, but a free (albeit simple) library would be great.

stackoverflow.com/questions/16413/parse-usable-street-address-city-state-zip-from-a-string is asking for something similar, but my problem is broader because the address information is hidden in a complete email. And there isn't a solution either...

Any ideas?

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well you just use javamail to get the parts that compose the email until you find the one containing the signature (there might be more than one, for example one text/plain and another text/html inside a multipart/alternative, but the address will be the same in both), and then apply the solution given in the question you mention

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I know how to do that. I am looking for a library my friend. –  Christian Ullenboom Apr 14 '10 at 14:20

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