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I am developing application for BlackBerry 8900 and I am using features that force me to test/debug it on the real device. I am looking for a convenient way to be able to automate build-deploy-lanuch process.

The process is:

  1. Package application & sign it
  2. Load it on the device
  3. Start debugging session in Eclipse

With the newest version of BlackBerry plugin for Eclipse, step 1. is almost painless, but I would like to get rid of dialogs that I am missing some debug files. Step 2. and step 3. must be performed manually. Ideally I would like to turn it all into one script, Eclipse macro, whatever....

Has anyone tried something like this with any success?

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For automating some process, such package, sign and run you can use BB-Ant-Tools.

Also, for load on device you can use javaloader.exe.

Some links: this and about debugging on device this.

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