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Gobby/Sobby is an open source client/server for collaborative edition of plain text file (source code).

My question is 4-fold :

  • Can you share any real-life usage of Gobby/Sobby for development among a group of physically separated developers ?
  • Is the project mature enough as a productivity tool ?
  • What are the working use cases ?
  • What versions should be used ? (It seems 'undo' feature is not yet officially packaged)

Thanks Jerome

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  • Yes

  • Mostly, you encounter issues running Windows clients (random crashes). Find a version that works and stick to it.

  • I recently started using it with the team I manage. It has definitely increased my productivity when reviewing code, implementation collaboration, and answering general questions. It's great for those "hey, can you take a quick look a this?" questions.

  • We have only used development release 0.4.93.

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