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I'm trying to do the same request i'm using in Toad

(the store proc signature is two varchar2 parameter and one REF CURSOR parameter)

Here is what I do with Toad

variable myCursor refcursor;
EXEC myproc('param1','param2',:myCursor );
print myCursor;

I don't know how to write this with Squirrel and I have to use Squirrel.

thanks a lot for your response


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I would like to know this as well... –  krtek Aug 31 '10 at 9:12

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The only syntax I get working in Squirrel SQL is PL/SQL block:

v_param1  varchar2:='param';
v_param2  varchar2:='param';
TYPE ref_cursor IS REF CURSOR;
v_cur_results ref_cursor;
MyProc (v_param1  , v_param2 , v_cur_results)
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If the tool does not support this facility the next best thing would be to create a proc that will output your cursor for you.

Luckly it has already been written for you. see rc_to_dbms_sql( in http://www.oracle-developer.net/display.php?id=505

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