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Is there a way to add a Scale Break in Visual Studio 2005 for an SSRS line chart report?

The reason is because I have some data like the following:

Vendor   Date   Amount
------   ----   ------
Test     1/1    0.0093
Test     1/2    0.0072
Test1    1/1    0.0033
Test1    1/2   -0.0450
Volume   1/1    343203
Volume   1/2    493902

I'm needing to show this information all on the same line graph but since the amounts are so different, it makes the graph blend all the Test vendors together and all I can really see is the volume line.

I'm just needing the graph to be smart enough to show half of the height to the Test vendors and the other half to the Volume vendor. I've used some 3rd party ASP.Net tools and they called it a Scale Break.

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The ability to use axis "scale breaks" is a new feature they added to SSRS 2008. My understanding is that there is no equivalent built-in feature in SSRS 2005.

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