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I'm attempting to build a simple plugin like this

(function($) {

        $.fn.gpSlideOut = function(options, callback) {

            // default options - these are used when no others are specified
            $.fn.gpSlideOut.defaults = {
            fadeToColour: "#ffffb3",
            fadeToColourSpeed: 500,
            slideUpSpeed: 400

        // build main options before element iteration
            var o = $.extend({}, $.fn.gpSlideOut.defaults, options);

             this.each(function() {
                .animate({backgroundColor: o.fadeToColour},o.fadeToColourSpeed)
                .slideUp(o.SlideUpSpeed, function(){
                    if (typeof callback == 'function') {  // make sure the callback is a function
                        callback.call(this);  // brings the scope to the callback


            return this;


        //  invoke the function we just created passing it the jQuery object

The confusion I'm having is that normally on jQuery plugins you can call something like this:

$(this_moveable_item).gpSlideOut(function() {
                // Do stuff

Without the options parameter, but it misses the callback if I do it like that so I have to always have

var options = {}
$(this_moveable_item).gpSlideOut(options, function() {
                    // Do stuff

Even if I only want to use the defaults.

Is there anyway to make sure the callback function is called whether or not the options parameter is there?


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//you have no second parameter
if (callback == undefined)

//have a function
if ($.isFunction(options))
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Thanks: if (callback == undefined) { if ($.isFunction(options)) { options.call(this); } } else { if ($.isFunction(callback)) { callback.call(this); } } –  Glo Apr 14 '10 at 15:54

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