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So I have been given the host, username, and login information for a MySQL Database. I need a client that I can use to log in to the Database remotely and create/update tables and edit all the data.

I found the MySQL Administrator client provided by them, but it seems you can do everything BUT edit the actual data with it.

Is there anything like this?

Would I be able to use SQL Server Express (or something similar), to connect to a remote server online and do all of this?

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with the mysql administrator, you normally get the mysql query browser, which sounds like what you want :)

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If you're using OS X or Linux, you can install the mysql client and connect via the console. There are plenty of GUI clients for OS X and Windows (SqlYOG is a good, free one that I've used), just search Google for "mysql client ".

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MySQL Workbench works great for me. It allows me to connect to some remotely hosted databases that I have via ssh.

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I highly recommend SqlYog Community Edition which inkedmn also mentioned. It handles database administration and query building, and similar enough to SQL Server Management Studio that you won't feel completely lost.

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