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I'd like to measure to distinct user experience points during the rendering of an HTML page:

  1. Point which user sees the first painting of the page
  2. Point at which user can interact with the page - meaning sees 75% of it or can actually register a button click or link click

I am pretty certain these UX interactions can start before the HTML code is fully rendered, so would that instance be the JS func "OnLoad" or some other distinct measureable value/function?

If it helps, we can even narrow the answer down to WebKit based browsers.

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OnLoad is a tricky thing to implement. I would suggest using a prepackaged solution like jQuerys $(document).ready(function(){}) in order to maintain cross browser compatibility.

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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you just want to know when the DOM tree is loaded (which strikes me as a decent approximation of 'when we can interact with the page'), you could try the JavaScript event DOMContentReady / 'domReady'.

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