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Is there a difference in passing parameters to .load



$("#myDiv").load("myScript.php", {var:x, var2:y, var3:z})

Also, is there a size limit to how much .load can handle? Can myScript.php return a couple hundred rows of data without issue?

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2 Answers

In the first case, the data are passed to the script via GET, in the second via POST.


I don't think there are limits to the data size, but the completition of the remote call will of course take longer with great amount of data.

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From my experience there is a limit the size of the GET in MSIE. –  Sugendran Nov 5 '08 at 4:49
The limit is IE is 256 bytes (roughly 2048 characters). –  Prestaul Nov 5 '08 at 7:11
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As Davide Gualano has been told. The first one use GET method and the second use POST method of http request. But any limitation that is applied to each method ( ex: url length limit can limits the amount sending data in GET method) is applied to each one.

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