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we're transitioning to doing all our task tracking in TFS 2010 and I'm wondering if there is a more lightweight way of working with it than through Visual Studio?

Just some sort of web-interface or a lightweight client, or even some powershell commandlets where I can create new tasks and add information to existing ones.

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There was a web interface for TFS2008. As far as I can tell it is included by default with the 2010 edition

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Nice, now only if I could do it through powershell... – George Mauer Apr 14 '10 at 20:19

You could use a tool called Eylean Board. It integrates with TFS allowing to create and manage TFS tasks in a more user-friendly interface. Besides that Eylean offers additional features such as reports, time tracking and others.

enter image description here

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I use Scrum Taskboard für Team Systems for the Daily Scrum, its easy and fast to change status of SPIs and create new SPIs. There is also a planning mode to add new BPIs.

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A other comprehensive tool is Telerik Work Item Manager. It provides dash board, interactive task board and many ways to sort, filter and grouping items.

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