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I am trying to redirect an old URL that uses a query string to the new url that does not..


Now needs to go to


So I am trying..

RewriteRule  ^tripinfo.cfm?RiverNameID=1&AdventureID=6$  /trips/big-ass-river/overnight.html   [R=301]

But this is not working. .

I can redirect the main page no problem using

 RewriteRule  ^tripinfo.cfm$  /trips.html [R=301]

If any one could tell me what Im missing that would be great.

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I think a ? mark needs to be escaped. Try these?

RewriteRule  ^tripinfo.cfm\?RiverNameID=1&AdventureID=6$  /trips/big-ass-river/overnight.html   [R=301]

RewriteRule  RiverNameID=1&AdventureID=6$  /trips/big-ass-river/overnight.html   [R=301]
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