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I'm looking at free streaming audio players for web browsers that I can use in a project. I really like the audio player used on http://freemusicarchive.org/. Are they using an open source audio player and can I get a hold of it? Or is it closed source?

Also if there are any open-source audio players that anybody knows about I'd love to know about them (preferable to have one with no flash).

Last thing...is HTML5 going to be able to replace audio streaming players?

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It is not possible to play audio without Flash (or Java) in all browsers. –  SLaks Apr 14 '10 at 20:37

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I sent an inquiry and got a lovely and informative response:


Our audio player is a custom built and flash based. It was created based on our specifications by our friends over at Cuban Council: http://www.cubancouncil.com/

Currently it is closed source.... One day we hope to open source it but I think it will be of somewhat limited use since behind the scenes it's tailored to work with our site.

I highly recommend using an established open source player like JW Player or XSPF Web Music Player. It should be able to do most of the things you want.


I must admit I will celebrate the day that flash streaming is completely unnecessary. I don't mind Java as much because it's open source pretty much.

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