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Does anyone know of a way to interface with a Social Media Aggregator using Powershell. For Instance, I would like to update my global status on digsby using Powershell. Digsby would then fan the message out to Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Etc..

I am open to using any Social Media Aggregator that can do this.. Digsby, Seesmic, Ping.fm TweetDeek, etc..

If any of these programs have a com interface or something like it I'm sure who ever implements this first will have a large gain in users.

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belongs on stackoverflow – warren Apr 14 '10 at 15:14

I'd recommend against implementing this against a desktop-application such as Digsby (unrelated: which, last time I checked, has the ulterior motive of being a malware installer). Instead, interact with a cloud-visible interface so that the users won't be tied to anything being installed on their machines. Incidentally, there are at least a few libraries already available.

I'd think for your goal of having it aggregated to more than one service, Ping.fm integration may be the best bet. I don't see anyone who has made a PowerShell script for this yet, but seeing as the Ping.fm API is also REST based, it would look a lot like the PoshTweet implementation.

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