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I downloaded the scion cabal and am attempting to created scion_server

I ran all of the runghc Setup (configure/build/install)

The Haskell libraries are installed, but the scion_server is not in the ~/.cabal/bin

I have to use a --user on configure so I can install it on just my account.

Any thoughts?

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Try unregistering the scion package with GHC and reinstalling it again. (That usually fixes these kinds of issues for me.)

~/scion $ ghc-pkg unregister scion
~/scion $ cabal install

Note that cabal install in the proper directory is the same as "configure --user/build/install".

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I found the problem when doing a verbose on configure.

The server option by default was set to False.

When I did

runghc Setup configure --flags="server"

I was able to get the server file

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