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I have a double thats got a value of something like 0.50000 but I just want 0.5 - Is there any way to get rid of those trailing 0's? :)

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standard c format statements.

NSLog(@" %.2f", .5000)
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+1 and answer for ObjectiveC :D – tarnfeld Apr 14 '10 at 21:43

In C,

printf("%g", 0.5000);

Note: (from GNU libc manual)

The %g and %G conversions print the argument in the style of %e or %E (respectively) if the exponent would be less than -4 or greater than or equal to the precision; otherwise they use the ‘%f’ style. A precision of 0, is taken as 1. Trailing zeros are removed from the fractional portion of the result and a decimal-point character appears only if it is followed by a digit.

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It works fine but it gives Exponential form for large numbers & i don't want that.. Any solution to that? – Sam May 27 at 12:29

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