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I want a simple form with one text box and a submit button. For example: If a user enters "foobar" into the text box and hits enter, they should be redirected to mysite.com/browse/foobar

Does anyone know how I can do this in php? thanks

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The Form:

<form action="index.php" method="get">
<input type="text" name="q" />
<input type="submit" />


header("Location: http://example.com/browse/".$_GET['q']);

Note: this is not good practice but it works.

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Thanks that's what I'm after. But I'm concerned that it's not "good practice". Is there a better way? – Steven Apr 14 '10 at 21:49
look at mod_rewrite. that is what most sites use to get "clean" URLs. – Samuel Apr 14 '10 at 21:56
A better way would be to only allow alphanumeric characters in $_GET['q'] - this can be done with $q = preg_replace("/[^a-zA-Z0-9\s]/", '', $_GET['q']); – Syntax Error Apr 14 '10 at 22:38

Assuming name='q' for the text input

    if ($_GET['q'] === "foobar") {
        header("Location: http://example.com/browse/foobar");
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Sorry but I meant "foobar" to mean any word the user wants to enter – Steven Apr 14 '10 at 21:40
uk3.php.net/urlencode plus a tiny bit of string concatenation and you're there. – Quentin Apr 14 '10 at 21:41
sorry but I'm not "there" yet. Can you elaborate? thanks – Steven Apr 14 '10 at 21:44

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