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I have a project which uses a large library residing in its own repository.

Using: TortoiseSVN, the server is running an enterprise edition of VisualSVN

The project itself has the "standard" structure:

  • trunk
  • tags
  • branches

In each branch, tag, and trunk is the library, set as an external (svn:external property). If I get the entire tree, I get the library several times, which is just getting too ridiculously repetitive.

Is there a recommended structure for this? Or perhaps a way not to get all externals (because other externals are much smaller, easier to manipulate)?

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The TortoiseSVN help has an appendix on including a common subproject. If the library isn't likely to change, I think using a relative location (the third option listed) is probably the best.

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Sound advice. Many thanks! – MPelletier Apr 14 '10 at 14:21

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