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Ok so I have a php page with data dynamically outputs depending on a $_GET variable ['file']. I have another page (index.php) which has a jQuery script that uses the load() function to load the php page. I have a list of links and when you click on one, it needs to change the $_GET variable to load, then refresh the load() jQuery variable. Heres a snippet:

$(".link1").mousedown(function() {

As you can see it loads the data into a div with the ID of remote-files. Is there a better way to do this, like update the page with the new get variable instead of redefining a new load function?

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Not entirely sure what you're asking, or whether what I'm suggesting is much better, but...

function loadData(filename) {
    $("#remote-files").load("data.php?file=" + filename);


$(".link1").click(function() {

That would reduce some duplication anyway.

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