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How can I pull relevant packet information from a JpCap packet? I am trying to find the source/destination ip and port. So far I have tried string parsing the Packet's toString() method, but that seems brutish.

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You have to cast the Packet object to the correct type of Packet i think.

So something like:

TCPPacket p = (TCPPacket)packet;

// Get the tcp src and dest ports
int destPort = p.dst_port;
int srcPort = p.src_port;

// Get the src and dest IP addresses from the IP layer
InetAddress destIp = p.dst_ip;
InetAddress srcIp = p.src_ip;
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Thanks! You saved me so much ugly parsing – mvid Apr 15 '10 at 5:26

Here is a good example about accessing packets information using Jpcap Packet

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