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If I have a form Frm1.cs that is using some icons, images or other resources, these resources get stored in the form's resx file (Frm1.resx).

My simple question is how do I access these resources from code?

As a workaround I can store these resources in the Project resource file and they will be available via Properties.Resources.resourcename. However, similar syntax does not work for the resources stored in the form's resource file.

While searching for a solution I have come across several references to ResourceManager class but was not able to find a way to use that to access the form's resources...

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Did you see the answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/19465405/… – Slavo Sep 21 '15 at 11:30

The way to access local form resources is through an instance of ResourceManager. Suppose you got two PictureBox in a Form called Frm1:

var resources = new ResourceManager(typeof(Frm1));
var image = (Bitmap)resources.GetObject("pictureBox1.Image");

pictureBox2.Image = image;

Hope this could help you...

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